Clean Water Campaign

Clean water is one of the hardest things to come by in Haiti. Especially after the utter destruction of their infrastructure following the earthquake in 2010. Currently, Haiti is the  most underserved country in the western hemisphere in terms of water and sanitation.  

Understanding that Need

The staggering numbers of Haitian's without improved water for drinking and sanitation is outrageous. Due to the poor infrastructure the severity and spread of  the cholera epidemic has resulted in 658,563 reported cases of cholera and 8,111 reported deaths as of June 2, 2013. (See Info Here)

Meeting that Need

We know that healthy people starts in replenishing the body with clean, bacteria and disease free water. Our goal is to start with one location and branch out to create sustainable water resources to each location. One well will provide fresh water for approximately 1000 people. The more wells we can dig and the more locations we can provide fresh water, then the more people we will impact. 

Significant Areas of Need

  • Equipment $9,242

  • Surveyors $2,200