The Healing Garden


The Healing Garden is a new program for H3missions, Inc. We believe that it's an important program to help the overall health of Haiti. 

Understanding that Need

Using childhood statistics on mount attrition and basic medicinal herbs native to Haiti, we came up with the idea of The Healing Garden, encouraging families to use local plants to supplement dietary needs and also Vitamin deficiencies. Utilizing plants like the local cherry tree, which has five times the amount of Vitamin C as an orange, as well as using spinach and yam in gardens to increase iron intake, it is our hope that in "subscribing" seeds and not just donated vitamin supplements that entire families can improve lifetime dietary habits without relying on donated nutritional supplements. It is also our hope that the children and families will take ownership of community garden plots, improving nutrition and local produce consumption along with creating small local jobs in the area of agricultural.

Meeting that Need

It is our desire to partner with Rotary club and also local agricultural programs that already have similar programs implemented. However, we would like to specifically target children with the nutritional information. Right now there are several local programs that reach out to local farmers and communities but none that we have found that specifically target children's nutritional intake. If we can start with giving the children the knowledge and resources needed to live a healthier life then over time the country as a whole will benefit. 

Significant Areas of Need

we need funding so that we can buy local seeds and therefore support local agricultural programs. We are not interested in importing seeds from America. For example one dollar can buy one package of spinach seeds to be used in The Healing Garden. And $10. can buy two Cherry tree seedlings. In total, we need to raise $5000 to feed a medium sized community.