Creole Words You Should Know

When traveling into a different country, it’s always good to know a few important native words to that country. In Haiti, there’s a combination of French, Creole, and even Spanish. After all, the Dominican Republic is next door. I’ve encountered a few Spanish speaking individuals.

If you’re traveling to Haiti with H3Missions, Inc. then we always have translators and guides with us. For the most part, you won’t need to know the language. But, it’s always good to have some of the basics that will help you communicate during your trip. There are also handy apps that you can download to your cell phone for easy translation. The one I use is Haitian Creole – English Transl by Klays-Development in the android play store. I’ve included a picture of the app below. For Apple users, there’s one that looks good called Offline Haitian Creole to English Language Dictionary by Naira Khalapyan. I’ve never used it so if you know of a better one for Apple users, throw it in the comments below.

The list below are a few common words. I will add to them from time to time so check back for new words at your fingertips. Enjoy your trip and be safe.

English French Creole
Good Morning Bonjour Bonjou
Good Evening Bonsoir Bonswa
Good bye Aurevoir Orevwa
Madam Madame Madam
Sir Monsieur Mesye
Girl Fille Fi
Boy Garcon Gason
Man Homme Gason
Ladie Femme Fanm
How are you Vas-Tu Kòman ou ye
I am fine je vais bien Mwen byen
Thank You Merci Mèsi
Please s’il vous plait silvouplè
Water de l’Eau Dlo
Food Nourriture Manje
Airport Aéoport Ayopò
Hotel Hotel Otèl
English Anglais Anglè
French Francais Fransè
How many Combien Konbyen