Medical/Surgical Clinics

From the time H3Missions, Inc. was founded in 2010, just after the earthquake, we've brought a medical and dental team to Haiti several times a year in order to provide free care to those in need. 

Understanding that Need

Before the ground rumbled and shook in 2010 causing an astronomical amount of damage, Haiti's medical system was able to sustain the country. However, after the 2010 earthquake, approximately 60% of hospitals were destroyed, making the need for medical professionals at a critical all-time high. The Haitian people found themselves in dire need of basic medical and dental attention that many of us take for granted. A broken leg became a walking impediment. A burn became a deadly infection. A rotted tooth became a heart attack. And the need for medical and dental attention grew. 

Meeting that Need

H3Missions, Inc. responded to that need with a sense of urgency. Our priority is to reach remote areas that have little to no access to medical or dental professional care. We believe in a teaching approach with Haitian medical professionals while we work to meet the needs of Haitian children and adults. After 22 trips to Haiti with medical professionals from all over the United States, we've been able to provide the care needed to change and save lives. 

Our Clinics

Dental Clinics: We usually hold our dental clinic in March of every year. We've had the opportunity to visit and perform routine and additional dental services to over 1500 people at various locations around Haiti.  

Medical/Surgical Clinics: We usually hold our medical clinic in June or July of every year. We've performed simple operations up to removing a sixth finger on each hand of an 8 year old boy. Our teams have worked endlessly hard to provide the care needed to so many Haitian people. In total, we've preformed such services to over 2500 people over the past 5 years. 

Women's Cancer Screening Clinic: The hospitals and clinics that are still standing don't have the equipment to provide regular routine PAP Smears and women's checkups. A very preventable disease is on the rampage of killing many women because they are not diagnosed with cervical cancer and hence they go untreated. Our last women's clinic in October 2015, gave us an opportunity to screen and treat 708 women in Port de Paix. We diagnosed 35 women with pre-cancerous cells and provided the LEEP procedure, which would ultimately save their life. Unfortunately, 9 women were informed that their cervical cancer was too far along. The H3Missions, Inc team who also paired up with PAPS Team International provided training to local Haitian medical professionals so that they may continue the screening after we left. 

Significant Areas of Need

  • Medical Equipment $16,422

  • Medicines $7,242