Trip FAQs

 Following are commonly asked questions about our trips:

  1. Are immunizations required in Haiti?
    Haiti does NOT require immunizations. We suggest that you visit this website for information on recommended immunizations, medical precautions and how to handle prescriptions on your trip. Also, please contact your doctor about 8 weeks before you travel to make sure that you are up to date on your tetanus and Hepatitis A & B shots. Furthermore, you'll want to make sure you have malaria medication with you on the trip.

  2. Will I need travel insurance?
    Travel insurance is included in the cost of the trip. Additional travel insurance is not required.

  3. Do I need a visa to travel to Haiti?
    No, you will not need a visa when traveling from the United States to Haiti.

  4.  What are the passport requirements?
    Please click this link here to fill out the required documents for a new passport or to renew your passport. Once you click here and you're taken to the U.S. Passports and International Travel page, click the link that says "Get Started."

  5. How much money should I bring with me and do I need to exchange currency beforehand?
    The official Haitian currency is the gourde. (Click here to see the exchange rate).  It is not necessary to exchange your U.S. Currency since the U.S. dollar is accepted in most places in Haiti. We suggest that you bring a small amount of cash ($50 to $200) in lower denominations such as one and five dollar bills. Credit cards might work at the resorts but there are many places that won't accept them.

    Safety Tip: Separate your cash and carry it in different locations, such as your pocket, wallet, suitcase and / or backpack.

  6. What if I have to back out of a trip after signing up?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any trip fees or donations accepted on your behalf. Your registration and deposit demonstrate your commitment to the trip. The money you have donated will go toward our work and will help enhance the lives of the people of Haiti. You can also use it as a tax write off. 

  7. Do I need to become a monthly donor or can I just make a one-time payment?
    H3Missions, Inc. cares about nurturing long term partnerships. This will allow us to make an impact over time. Although it's not required to become a monthly donor, we ask that all volunteers donate no less than $5 per month for at least a 12 month period. You can do this by clicking any donate button on our website. Keep in mind, you can designate your funds to go toward a specific campaign or to H3Missions, Inc. and we will disburse the money to the project that needs it the most. 

  8. Where can I find a trip packet?
    Please check here for available information.

  9.  Where can I find the Volunteer Portal on your page?
      Please find that information by clicking here: Volunteer Portal

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